Thursday, December 13, 2012

Here We Go.

So this year was our first work Christmas party as Mr. & Mrs.! And it landed on his work night.

Of course.
And my work doesn't throw Christmas parties. (Well, not the kind you put on a cute dress for and bring the family to).

At least we had a fancy pants church banquet to go to, so I don't feel too left out. We even drove home in the rain, so it felt extra Christmasy! God threw that little perk in there for us Southern girls who rarely have a wintery December to brag about.

I do love the holidays. Next year should be fun, we looked at his schedule and he's working EVERY.SINGLE.HOLIDAY. All of them. You name it, he's working it. If I made up a holiday right now at random, he'd be working that night. I promise. But life goes on and we just learn to Tim Gunn it & make it work.

Speaking of making it work, if you remember my previous post where I mourned the fact that I'll be buying tactical gear and bullets for the rest of my life as "presents" for The Deputy, I surprisingly bought him the most amazing gift EVER yesterday. Of course, he got exactly what he asked for, but he also got something that I found on my own! Just like REAL Christmas shopping! I can't say what it is on here, because he may or may not be reading this, but I'll post braggy posts after he opens it. Unless he hates it. Which he won't. There's no way. This gift is amazing on so many levels.

Anyways--if I don't get back on here until then, Merry Merry Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a warm & cozy holiday. And to all our husbands & loved ones--stay safe!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let's run away from this place.

We made it through Thanksgiving successfully! Our very first married Thanksgiving and our very first hosted-at-our-house Thanksgiving, all rolled into one. I like to be efficient.

Anyways, I was mostly excited just to get Thanksgiving done with. Not because I was worried or stressed, but because to me Thanksgiving isn't an actual holiday. Sounds terrible? I know. But it's more like the giant meal you eat just to get enough energy to decorate the house for Christmas! I'm actually considering ditching the "Happy Thanksgiving!" all together and just teach my kids that it's really "Happy Put Up The Christmas Tree Day!". I can't help it. I have an unnatural love for all things Christmas. It's a sickness.

So needless to say, our Christmas tree is up. And I love it. Even if used the term "scraggly" behind it's back. It was meant as a term of endearment. The same way you call a dog "scruffy" or your nephew "Jack Jack". Everyone knows you mean it out of love.

Moving on.

I'm enjoying my first holidays as official Mr. & Mrs. and finding out how much fun husbands can be. I'm also discovering just how differently our minds work. And being married to a LEO means he doesn't have just a regular man-mind, he has a man-mind-extra strength.

For example: We were driving home the other night, listening to music, being quiet...when he turns to me and says, "Babe?" And I know he wants to talk about something serious. I know by now that he's not going to finish that sentence with, "Do you know what I love about being married to you?" or "Did you know that I've been thinking about running away with you and living inside a perfume commercial?" but what I don't expect is: "Do you know the quickest route to get out of your work, in case something bad happens?" I literally had no words. Just a blank stare and a momentary freak out in my brain while all the possible ways someone could kill me rushed through my imagination. (I'm a bit of a worrier sometimes)

Not to mention the dinner conversations about where to aim if you're trying to shoot someone in the chest.  Or waking up to the washing machine running at 6 am, laying bed with a bad feeling he came home with blood on him...just praying it was someone else's, and at the same time hoping it's just on his clothes, not somehow in his mouth or eyes. Or trying to think of the perfect Christmas gift (along the lines of swanky cuff-links) only to have him send you the link to a law enforcement supply company. Shouldn't I have know to start there?!

This is going to be fun. :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A long long time.

So I haven't blogged in forever. It's been so long that the Blogger changes they've been warning me about for months has already taken place and now everything looks different. Which isn't a big deal, but I really hate how fast and how often technology changes! If it was up to me, I'd still be using my original Sidekick phone and still hanging out on Myspace...I don't like updates.


It was probably good that I didn't blog at all last month, my life was crazy busy and sometimes just crazy so you would have seen more posts like the last one...grouchy. But life has settled, I have free time again (for the moment) and I'm basically a happy camper.

I've been married to The Deputy for a little over 4 months now (I know, I know-basically a life time!) and for the most part--we live it up! And by "live it up" I mean we hang out, watch TV, go on fake vacations and find projects to do around the house. We're a great team! I pick the wall color-he paints; I pick the stencil-he paints the "runner" down the middle of the table; I pick the chair fabric-he reupholsters (to be fair, I was helping take chairs apart until I stabbed myself with the screw driver. It's not that I'm completely useless, I just lack arm muscles); I forget to pull out meat to thaw for dinner-he gets my frantic text at work to find the chicken and put it in the sink (this is a huge deal, since work nights means I have about 15-20 minutes to cook a meal before he has to leave).

Any little way to spend time together, to be a part of the "team", to share some sort of inside joke or all counts. Every effort makes us that much stronger and I'm lucky to have a guy who puts in as much energy and time as I do.

We're going to love each other for a very, very long time.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just Like You Should Be.

Today I’m a cranky wife.
Not at anyone in particular, just in general. Because I’m working an hour later than usual the rest of the week and The Deputy has side jobs and work the rest of the week, I’ll be missing him by a few minutes in the evening. It’s always been weird coming home while he gets ready to leave, but this week I’ll be getting home after he’s already gone. And of course I can handle coming home alone and entertaining myself. Easy. But I’ll admit, I love that guy. And I love hanging out with him, even if it is just us and the cat, squished on the small couch, watching Frasier on Netflix until bed time.
The crankiness was with me already when I woke up this morning, which prompted the question, “So basically it’s your job to sit by while everyone else has a life, and make sure they don’t kill each other…?” when The Deputy found out he’s ‘on call’ for National Night Out. He smiled and said, “Pretty much!”
Am I being a tad dramatic today? You bet. I know he chose this career and I chose to marry into it and I know he does more than just mediate drunken fights. But every now and then I get annoyed when he works on holidays, events, fairs, whatever…in order for everyone else to be able to have a good time.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Good.

Dear Deputy:

It dawns on me at random moments that you have a dangerous job. This job demands many things from you, but over all, it requires bravery. The brave are those who put their own needs aside to protect those of others. The brave don't listen to fear, they ignore doubt, they put their own insecurities aside...all for the sake of protecting what's good, what's right. But where do the brave find protection?

That’s where I find my place.

When I read my vows and took your name, I was promising to be more than your wife. I became your safe place. I became the one you told your secrets to, the one you want to “get away” with, the one you trust to someday raise our children, the one you believe is strong enough to follow the path your duty calls you down.

Every time we say a prayer before you leave, every time you get your work stories off your chest, every time you slide into bed next to me after your shift and hold me tight I’m reminded that even the brave need a place to rest.

I’m thankful your place is me.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Way We Are.

For starters, you should know I'm the worst title creator in the entire world. Most of the time, they're just lines from songs stuck in my head. So if you're reading this now and the title sounds like something you'd never want to hear about, read it anyways because the title is basically just there to take up space.


I don't really feel like writing about feelings/thoughts/ideas/etc. today, because I have a feeling they'd be blue. And I have a feeling that blue feeling is really derived out of being bored and tired, so let's not create unnecessary drama.

I will post something I think is pretty entertaining though. Another one of those, "You know you're married to a LEO..." type bloggings. Always fun for me :)

Here we go:

One of my favorite things about The Deputy is the fact that I can rarely (almost NEVER) surprise him. As a self proclaimed jumpy person myself, I find this fascinating. He swears its because he is always situationally aware and I'm, well...not. So you can see how these opposite natures could clash with each other. OR how I could find this a perpetual source of entertainment. It's a life goal of mine to catch him off guard, whisper a conversation to a friend he actually can't hear and to basically scare the bejeezes out of him.

Progress so far: FAIL.

He wasn't lying, he really is always aware of whats going on around him (physically. Lets not get this confused with the glorious, womanly gift of being intuitive).

But I do remember once, while we were dating, he went to the bathroom and I decided to be a child, lurk in the corner and yell "Boo!" when he came out. I figured it was a futile attempt but yet there I was, crouching down in the dark hallway, ear close to the door waiting to hear his footsteps. He finally opened the door, and I leapt out in all my monstrous fury and yelled (it was more of a yelp, because I burst into laughter immediately) only to see him standing there looking stunned (and Im over exaggerating his face, it was more like curiosity) with a raised fist!

I'm glad I was out of arms reach or the story would have ended with, "...and that's how I got this black eye!" I continued laughing because I was able to rattle him a teeeensy bit and I'm not gonna lie, a pretty proud moment in my life...then he proceeded to inform me that inmates try to do the same thing, so he's used to it.

(Again with the inmates?!)

I may eventually quit trying and admit that this is one thing I can't beat, but for now it looks like I'm going to be hiding behind stair cases, in closets, anywhere I can fit well into my adulthood...

Monday, August 20, 2012


You know you're married to a peace officer when every bit of "regular" life is somehow comparable to law enforcement life and there will always be a valuable lesson to learn through that.

For example: I once bought a package of multicolored ballpoint pens that wrote in the same color of their outside plastic. Nice, sturdy pens with see-through plastic and rubber grips at the top. You know the type.

Anyways, since I work in an office where supplies can sometimes be "borrowed" from your desk, and these were super special, glorious pens, I cut tiny strips of paper, wrote my name, unscrewed the bottom cap and slipped my name into each pen. So proud of my handiwork I told The Deputy of my labeling accomplishments expecting a "cool, babe" or an acknowledging nod at the least. Instead, he looked at me and said, "You know who else labels all their stuff like that? Inmates."

He's so helpful.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

This New Life.

My life has changed.

On June 30, 2012 I made vows before God to honor, love and respect an amazing man. He promised the same and we were pronounced husband and wife. That man is one of my very best friends, the holder of my heart, the keeper of my secrets and a deputy sheriff.

This blog isn't necessarily where I'll write about him, but more about the life I became a part of when I fell in love with him. This life in the law enforcement realm is fun, scary, even mundane at times...but all of that mixes together and creates what we call "ours".

The Deputy and I have been together since 2009 and married for about 45 seconds. Not only am I a new law enforcement wife but a new wife in general, which I'm finding out is one of the coolest things I've ever been able to be a part of...and I'm actually a super cool person naturally, so that says alot. (Don't all the cool kids let everyone else know they're cool?!)


I won't go into too much detail, but The Deputy has been in law enforcement for about 6 years now and has basically been preparing for it his entire life. I believe I've been prepared for it as well, being a born & raised Army brat. The lives are so similar at times. I've already been prepped for crazy schedules, moving holidays to fit our time frame, eating a meal or two alone, at times going to bed alone and being so proud of him it makes my heart hurt.

I know this dream life of his must now become a dream life of mine, and someday of our kids, because this new life of ours requires us to be all in.