Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Way We Are.

For starters, you should know I'm the worst title creator in the entire world. Most of the time, they're just lines from songs stuck in my head. So if you're reading this now and the title sounds like something you'd never want to hear about, read it anyways because the title is basically just there to take up space.


I don't really feel like writing about feelings/thoughts/ideas/etc. today, because I have a feeling they'd be blue. And I have a feeling that blue feeling is really derived out of being bored and tired, so let's not create unnecessary drama.

I will post something I think is pretty entertaining though. Another one of those, "You know you're married to a LEO..." type bloggings. Always fun for me :)

Here we go:

One of my favorite things about The Deputy is the fact that I can rarely (almost NEVER) surprise him. As a self proclaimed jumpy person myself, I find this fascinating. He swears its because he is always situationally aware and I'm, well...not. So you can see how these opposite natures could clash with each other. OR how I could find this a perpetual source of entertainment. It's a life goal of mine to catch him off guard, whisper a conversation to a friend he actually can't hear and to basically scare the bejeezes out of him.

Progress so far: FAIL.

He wasn't lying, he really is always aware of whats going on around him (physically. Lets not get this confused with the glorious, womanly gift of being intuitive).

But I do remember once, while we were dating, he went to the bathroom and I decided to be a child, lurk in the corner and yell "Boo!" when he came out. I figured it was a futile attempt but yet there I was, crouching down in the dark hallway, ear close to the door waiting to hear his footsteps. He finally opened the door, and I leapt out in all my monstrous fury and yelled (it was more of a yelp, because I burst into laughter immediately) only to see him standing there looking stunned (and Im over exaggerating his face, it was more like curiosity) with a raised fist!

I'm glad I was out of arms reach or the story would have ended with, "...and that's how I got this black eye!" I continued laughing because I was able to rattle him a teeeensy bit and I'm not gonna lie, a pretty proud moment in my life...then he proceeded to inform me that inmates try to do the same thing, so he's used to it.

(Again with the inmates?!)

I may eventually quit trying and admit that this is one thing I can't beat, but for now it looks like I'm going to be hiding behind stair cases, in closets, anywhere I can fit well into my adulthood...

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