Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Good.

Dear Deputy:

It dawns on me at random moments that you have a dangerous job. This job demands many things from you, but over all, it requires bravery. The brave are those who put their own needs aside to protect those of others. The brave don't listen to fear, they ignore doubt, they put their own insecurities aside...all for the sake of protecting what's good, what's right. But where do the brave find protection?

That’s where I find my place.

When I read my vows and took your name, I was promising to be more than your wife. I became your safe place. I became the one you told your secrets to, the one you want to “get away” with, the one you trust to someday raise our children, the one you believe is strong enough to follow the path your duty calls you down.

Every time we say a prayer before you leave, every time you get your work stories off your chest, every time you slide into bed next to me after your shift and hold me tight I’m reminded that even the brave need a place to rest.

I’m thankful your place is me.

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