Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We're on the way.

And just like that, it's back to the grind. And by 'grind' I mean regular life from January to October.

Our holidays were fantastic and over way too fast! During them, we passed our six month married anniversary. Which isn't a huge number but it's half way to a year! It's exciting and sad. Only sad because after June 30th I can no longer make a big deal out of any tiny, minute thing in life I please and say, "This is our first _____!" I like to make big deals out of things...I like finding any reason to celebrate.

The past six months have been a crazy whirlwind of life. Moving in together, sharing the house, sharing the chores, sharing the money, sharing emotions, sharing time, sharing your quirks and weird daily habits, sharing towels. (Well, I share towels. He'd prefer to use a neatly hung, dry towel that I didn't just "leave in a wad on the floor, full of hair". I kid you not. I was initially offended at his request, thinking he found me disgusting. Once he explained why he wants his own towels, I'm amused by it. Plus, I still use his towels, I'm just sneakier about it.)

On top of the sharing, there's the squeezing. Apparently our lives require 60 hour days. Unfortunately we only get 24. Total. This includes our sleeping time too! So we share, then we squeeze. We squeeze in his work schedule. We squeeze in my work schedule. We squeeze in "my" time and "his" time. We squeeze in time with my family and time with his family. We squeeze in time for errands, time to take the car in for an oil change, time to clean the house. (My least favorite time. Why does it take hours to clean and seconds to fall apart?!)

We somehow manage to make it work, make it fit. Even when it's hard and his work schedule becomes unpredictable for a moment, or those stretches of time when it feels like I'm only seeing a ghost of him floating into the house as I'm waking up for work and leaving the house when I'm getting home. We just keep going. We keep sharing, we keep squeezing, we keep talking and laughing and stealing a night away from the whole world to sneak out on a date.

We're just trying to make it. Just trying to fit our two worlds into one. Just trying to take life as it comes and trying to have a little fun along the way...

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  1. I cried on New Years Eve the year our "wedding year" was over...and on our 1st anniversary! I too didn't want the first year to end! Rest assured that you will still have "firsts" even after the first year. And sometimes I think that having all the years together and being able to look back and fondly remember the firsts is even better than the firsts themselves. Love your blog. :)