Friday, February 1, 2013

Love the way.

This post today has nothing to do with my LEO wife life. Except it is about me. And I happen to be married to The basically, everything I say and write pertaining to marriage & my life is inadvertently a LEP wife life blog.

It's Friday. But not just any regular Friday, it's Friday, February 1st (rabbit rabbit). For those who don't know, February is my birth month. That's right, month. Even though my birthday celebration(s) have never lasted longer than three days (people start jumping off that birthday bandwagon pretty quickly) I adore the month of February!

And since I'm feeling so full of the good kind of lovin' today, I thought I'd post a little list about it.

What Makes Me Happy:
Writing-Surprise! Luckily my diploma agrees with me.
Hotels-Maybe it's the vacation, maybe it's someone else making the bed, maybe it's the 24 hour access to a vending machine, I can't get enough!
Downtown-I think I suggest going downtown at least once a week. The Deputy, on the other hand, isn't a fan.
My boots-If I could figure out how to wear them, I'd do it.
Being by the water-Any water: a lake, a beach, a pool, a river. Something about basking in the sunshine makes my pasty little heart glow!
Hammocks-It combines two of my favorite things: Being outside and being lazy. There's a special place in my heart for hammocks. The Deputy acutally proposed to me one night when we were in his backyard, laying in the hammock, looking at the stars. (Don't worry, he got down on one knee).
Baking-I love all things cake. And cupcakes. And sprinkles. Sometimes I go to the kitchen and pull everything out of my baking cabinet, just to look at it. I would feel more ashamed about it, except I'm pretty sure I've caught The Deputy doing the same thing. Only with guns and holsters.
Hearts-Particularly red or pink ones. (I thought as I got older I was supposed to be less and less like a girl. But I think it's actually getting stronger).
Chevron stripes-We recently reupholstered the kitchen chairs with a very grown up, yellow and white chevron stripe cloth. They seriously brightened up the room! (Not to mention the magic being worked on my desk by my chevron striped mousepad).
Being married-I say it too much, I can't say it enough, I don't think I'll ever get over it. Marriage is the coolest thing I've ever done. I love being in love with someone who loves me back and I love sharing my life with him.

(Us at a mini photo-sesh with the sister. It was freezing, The Deputy wouldn't stop making jokes and my fingers wouldn't stay straight!)

So Happy February everyone! What do you love?

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