Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You know you're a LEOW...

So I haven't done one of these in awhile...but maybe that's because the LEOW things that used to seem odd to me have become my new "norm".

But either way, they're always fun to talk about and even more fun to put into a list!

You know you're married to a LEO:

1. When your kitchen "junk drawer" (ours is actually a junk box) is where you shove all the random badge holders, fake bullets and holsters you find ALL. OVER the kitchen.

2. When you finally have time off (at the same time) and you ask him what he feels like doing, you know he's going to say, "Want to go to the range?!" And he even uses his little kid Christmas voice to ask.

3. When you get these kinds of presents:

4. When you're genuinely excited about these kinds of presents.

5. When all of the t-shirts you steal from him to wear to bed have SWAT symbols on them.

6. When your version of a "not too bad" day at work involves me managing to pass the time without actually having to work and his version of "not too bad" means he only had three arrests, one missing goat and handful of beligerent drunks.
7. When you see a scorpion in the hall and call for help, he instantly appears with a weapon in hand. And let's be candid here, he wasn't even wearing pants at the time, so I'm still not entirely sure where it came from.

I'd round this up to an even "10" if I had a few more minutes, but I should probably get back to "work" at some point this morning.

Feel free to add your own "You know you're married to a LEO..." to this list!


  1. So I just found your blog and let me say, this was hilarious. My fiance is a police officer and this post describes him (and us) perfectly. Ill be following your blog!

  2. Awesome, it's always fun to make new LEOW friends! :)