Friday, July 5, 2013

Work Weekend

It's "Work Weekend" for The Deputy! What do all you LEOW wives have planned this weekend? Since I'm alone (not technically, literally, officially or any other exaggeration I use) my weekend plans are: Baby showering it up for the sister and cleaning my house.

Well, the baby shower part is true.

I'm not going to lie, a friend posted a video on Facebook today of her baby and I clicked on it with the sole intent of seeing how clean her house was. I only felt slightly ashamed when the baby started walking (the purpose of the video) and I said, "Yes!" when she passed a pile of laundry and then a bag of trash. She ended her walk by a messy bed and my heart filled with happiness like a little child at a birthday party. Or maybe it shrank and turned into a little, hard, Grinch heart. I couldn't tell at the time.

I didn't write this post to confess that I'm bad at keeping the house "nice", because really, we don't live in a landfill. Far from it. But between working, wifing (thats right, just made up a word!), making up words and a million other things to take care of, I'm just proud of myself for managing to start the weekend with groceries in the fridge and a load of knickers in the dryer!

Happy Friday everyone, let's make up accomplishments and celebrate them! :)

PS: To all of those LEO's on shift this weekend (or just tonight) have a safe night, hurry home to the loves!

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  1. It is work weekend for my officer too :[ I am planning on cleaning as well but we will see if it actually happens, it always gets put aside for other things! Hope you have a good weekend and that your LEO stays safe!!