Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy October!

There are very few things in life I get extra happy about. That's a lie. There are actually very few things in life I don't get EXTRA happy about. I believe in big emotions, whenever possible. If you're not going to be over the top, singing with the radio, doing a jig around the kitchen happy about something then what's the point?

The Deputy calls this emotion "Amanda Happy/Excited". If you had to put your feelings on scale of one to whatever, in our house, that scale is one to "Amanda Happy". The Deputy usually levels off somewhere around a 2-3 for EVERYTHING. He doesn't find life as entertaining as I do. Well, he just chooses not to express all of his feelings in the form of an interpretive dance or poetry slam. Which he should. I'd pay good money (HIS money, of course, I wouldn't spend my money on a poetry slam) to see that! 

I say all of that to say how happy I am that it's October! AMANDA-HAPPY! We're close to the holidays, surrounded by pumpkins and everyone's desk at work has a candy bowl on it. Minus mine. Two reasons: 1. I'm too cheap to buy candy for other adults who can afford to buy their own candy and 2. I'd eat it ALL before anyone even saw it. But luckily I'm not too ashamed to bum candy off of OTHER people! It's like trick-or-treating all day long around that place. That makes my heart happy. (Probably also makes my heart have to work harder and inches me closer and closer to cardiac arrest, but it's just once a year, right?) 

My fall holiday-kick-off-month has yet to include any actual holiday celebrating though. Not including the wreath making and the ritual of putting up our five piddly fall decorations in the house. 

But I did get to settle a score with THIS GUY at the range the other day. 

I'd say that's pretty festive. Right?

If my childhood memory serves me right (and it always does), I say it counts.

Anyways--I'm looking forward to year #2 of married holidays with The Deputy (and about a million more after that!). With any luck we'll be carving pumpkins, eating candy and watching Elf by the end of the week! Because it's never too early to start watching THAT:

Or maybe it's because watching Buddy the Elf reminds me alot of someone I know........a friend

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