Monday, November 25, 2013


So I decided to give in and admit that Thanksgiving is this week-NOT Christmas. Even if I tried to skip right over and start Christmas on November 1st, it's not happening. To get to Christmas one MUST go through Thanksgiving. 
(I made a fall wreath, can I have Christmas now?)

Do I hate Thanksgiving? Not at all. I love food. And I love to have an excuse to eat a copious amount of it. But does Thanksgiving warm my heart the way Christmas does? Do twinkle lights get wrapped around light posts? Do visions of sugarplums dance around my head when I sleep? No, no and no. But since I cannot fast-forward to December 25th, I'll be a grown up and just embrace life as is. Which means posting a cheesy blog about what I'm thankful for. 

I'm going to keep this LEOW related, because who doesn't appreciate a police-wife-blogger who actually does what she says and posts things that are police-wife-related? 
What I'm Thankful for in my LEOW Life: 

1. Having someone around to teach me how to use a gun. It never really occurred to me before to learn how to use one, but it sure is nice to wake up one morning thinking, "I want to learn how to shoot a rifle" and know that I can actually do that.

2. Having someone who will make me learn how to do the above task correctly. Is there any bigger waste of time than learning how to shoot a gun improperly? Ain't no purpose learning to pull the trigger if you don't know how to aim it. Just ain't. (I really felt the urge to be extra annoying there).

3. Being able to walk around downtown and just enjoy the downtown-ness of it all. Why? Because I married my body guard. He plays, "Let's Spot a Felon" whilst I point out the various buildings I like, places I've been to, horses pulling buggies, the street vendor selling some tacky tourist item that I swear we need to buy, fancy restaurants we should make note of to eat at on our next whatever, the hotels lit at night, you get my point. I love downtown. He lets me love it. 

4. I get to live with a human GPS. The man seriously knows any back road to any major road and knows back roads to the back roads. He knows where we are ALL. THE. TIME.

5. That moment EVERY time I wake up and he's next to me in bed. Just means he made it through another night safely.

6. I get to do random things I probably wouldn't otherwise, like "meet" the K9 unit. Which consisted of me giving lots of loves and then watching them train. (Why don't we have a police dog yet?!) 

7. I have a little nagging voice in my head that I hear when driving: Know what street you're on, know which direction you're heading, know the address of the building, look around you. Which could easily be annoying, except it gives me this weird sense of being in control of circumstances....even if it's only a little bit.

8. I get to buy adorable things like this:


(Even I, the Christmas decoration dictator, allowed
some wiggle room to fit this adorable ornament into our d├ęcor)
(Future LEObaby totes owns these kicks already!
I couldn't pass them up...)
(One day, future LEObaby will have the sweetest ride on the block!)
All in all, I'm blessed with the amazing husband God has given me and I couldn't be happier LEOW. Even when things get hard, I can always look around and know that I've been given more in life than I'll ever deserve.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
For those LEOWs who will be with their LEOs: Enjoy! For those of us who's LEOs work that day/night, I hope everyone stays safe!

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