Monday, August 18, 2014

Cinnamon Rolls & Baby Girls.

I'm exactly halfway through this pregnancy and instead of having something profound to write about the experience so far, all I can think about is that I have never in my entire life thought about cinnamon rolls as much as I think about them now. I'm always in the mood for a cinnamon roll. Thankfully, I have zero desire to try to bake any from scratch and never remember to pick up any when I'm out. That's probably the only thing saving me from eating seven a day.
Other than that golden nugget of priceless Amanda-information, at 20 weeks, my morning sickness has mostly subsided. The constant vomiting is gone, I don't even know where I left my Zofran and I'm able to get through an entire grocery shopping trip. So things are on the mend!
I also started feeling the baby move last week and it's the coolest-yet weirdest-thing I've ever felt! At first it was pure joy and entertainment for me. Now, it's still cool, but for some reason my child has decided that my bedtime is her playtime. She's pretty chill most of the day but as soon as I lay down to sleep, she wakes up and does what I can only imagine is her doing a dance combination of a jig and the Charleston. All I know is that girl likes to move. ALL. NIGHT. LONG.
But I have no complaints, other than the fact that while I'm trying to enjoy my last few months as a free bird, I really wish she was already here! When other moms tried to warn me about the fierceness of the baby love that was coming around the corner, they weren't exaggerating. With every kick, every passing day, every pair of pink ballerina socks, I find myself falling harder and harder in love with this daughter of mine. Just when I think I can't fit anymore love inside my heart without it exploding into a million pieces, I somehow just do. If I manage to even make it through motherhood without completely unwinding, I'll be amazed.
It's only been 5 months and I already cannot picture my life without her.

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  1. It's so precious! I remember falling in love with him more and more. Especially when I knew his name before I even knew it was a "he"!
    When I was pregnant, I couldn't get shrimp or doughnuts off my mind. (I don't eat shrimp. And didn't even eat doughnuts before!)